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Dharma Diploma

Your path to to purpose, with Journey with Nikita


Discover your Dharma

Discover your personality

Develop your Dharma

Develop your identity

Design your Dharma

Design your destiny

What is life without purpose?

Are you a professional feeling unfulfilled in your career?

Are you an individual at crossroads in life seeking a new direction?

Are you facing a period of change or transition, and searching for deeper meaning.

Are you yearning for more? Do you feel stuck and unsure of your life’s purpose?
You’re not alone. Many of us find ourselves at crossroads, longing for a sense of direction and fulfilment.

Discover, Develop & Design Your Dharma to Navigate Your Life with Purpose.

The Dharma Diploma is your transformative guide. We combine ancient wisdom with practical tools to help you navigate your present situation and discover your unique Dharma – your life’s calling.

A Unique Program Combining Spirituality & Practicality to Guide You Towards Fulfilment.

In this structured program, you’ll:

    • Uncover your core values and desires.
    • Explore the concept of Dharma and its role in a fulfilling life.
    • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your strengths.
    • Learn practical tools for overcoming obstacles and aligning your life with purpose.
    • Connect with a supportive community on your journey.

The Dharma Diploma is more than just a course; it’s a transformational experience. By the end, you’ll be equipped with a clear roadmap to manifest your Dharma in the world and live a life of greater meaning and fulfilment.

“Nikita is a gifted facilitator imparting knowledge and life skills, to embark on a journey towards authenticity and purposeful living”.

Discover your Dharma

Full day group workshop in person OR
5 weeks online
An introductory step towards enhancing self-awareness about your individual direction, with Nikita’s unique framework of NLP.

Develop your Dharma

Weekend group retreat in person OR
5 weeks online
The interim stage of your personal and professional development, to dive deeply into your purpose, through coaching and journaling.

Design your Dharma

Week group retreat in person OR
5 weeks online
A culmination phase of your programme, to accelerate with clarity and strategy, towards a vision aligned with your values.

“By living my Dharma, I am inviting you to live yours…”

Journey with Nikita is a pioneer for health, wellbeing and personal development in the UK. A gifted facilitator, communicator, and innovator, Nikita was recently awarded the ‘Woman who Achieves’ national recognition and was a finalist for ‘The Great British Wellbeing Awards’ and ‘National Businesswomen’s Awards’, Nikita is making her mark for her unique blend of ancient knowledge, applied with a modern mindset.

Working with men and women from all walks of life, Nikita shares insight, introspection, and intuition. Having never gone to university herself, yet sharing profound knowledge through self-study of psychology and philosophy, coupled with a wealth of personal experience. With numerous 5* reviews,  clients of all ages comment on her holistic approach and unique combination of transformative modalities.

Recognising a need for a purpose-driven society, Nikita formulated a unique series of programmes based on ‘Dharma’, the Sanskrit concept, of finding one’s purpose in life. Nikita draws parallels between Dharma & Ikigai (Japanese philosophy of finding joy in every moment) as she delivers her signature sessions both in groups and 1-1 at luxury locations, as well as online.

During the current global crisis, and with the threat of AI, Journey with Nikita acts as a catalyst for change. She promotes positivity through her guided meditations and podcast available on all audio platforms, and her outreach on social media ensures that people all over the world can benefit from her uplifting spirit. By embracing Nikita’s achievements, we celebrate her vision for a purposeful world.

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Dharma Diploma

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