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Frequently asked questions

The Dharma Diploma is more than just a program—it is a catalyst for transformation, combining ancient wisdom with a modern mindset to help individuals remove the layers of societal conditioning and discover their authentic selves. In doing so, it empowers them to lead lives of purpose and passion, which is a noble and rewarding endeavour. If you are intrigued by any of the Dharma diploma courses, please read the FAQ’s below. You can then choose to do a free Dharma quiz or book a complimentary call, to discuss your Dharma.

Do I need to complete all modules of the Dharma series?

          The Dharma Diploma, with its focus on personal development and self-discovery, is a linear path that one must ideally follow in the structured sequence. It is a journey tailored to meet individuals where they are in their personal growth and guide them towards their aspirations. Recognising the need for a purpose driven society, Nikita has carefully curated each part to follow consecutively. Feel free to book a call via the link below, to discuss if you are considering enrolling.

Is the aim of the course to learn about Dharma or learn about myself?

        The concept of Dharma, deeply rooted in ancient philosophy, is about uncovering one’s true essence beyond societal expectations and superficial identities. It’s a transformative process that encourages shedding preconceived notions and embracing one’s authentic self. The most profound effectiveness of the programme is the tangible positive change in participants’ lives, reinforcing the value of integrating ancient insights into modern practices for a well-rounded approach to personal development.

How long will it take me to complete each module?

Module 1: 4weeks online
Module 2: 4 weeks online
Module 3: 4 weeks online

This course is taken in small cohorts online, allowing you to engage with the material on a deeply personal level, integrating ancient wisdom with the contemporary quest for self-improvement.
By the end of the 12 week programme you will be equipped with a clear roadmap for your future.

How is this course different to other personal development programmes?

The holistic approach to personal development is a blend that encourages the shedding of societal expectations and the exploration of one’s true self. This journey of self-discovery is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about experiencing transformative shifts that resonate on a profound level. When participants report significant changes in their lives, it is a testament to the power of these teachings to effect real change. Feel free to click on the link below to speak to Nikita, if you are considering enrolling onto the programme.

What are the tangiable outcomes I will gain from this course?

Dharma, in its essence, is about aligning with one’s intrinsic nature and purpose. It’s a call to strip away the facades and to courageously face the essence of who we are. This process of unmasking can be challenging, as it often requires confronting deeply ingrained beliefs and societal norms. However, those who complete the course can expect to tap into a their authentic personality. This results in a deep sense of self-acceptance and living a life that is in harmony with one’s deepest values and aspirations. It is a path that leads to a fulfilling existence, rich with personal meaning and purpose.

How much is the Dharma Diploma?

The fee is £1,500 for the 12 week programme, which includes:

  • 4 live sessions with access to replays
  • Workbooks
  • Pre-recorded video materials
  • Resources
  • Mentoring and support.

    The course is facilitated by Nikita, a highly skilled entrepreneur and expert coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She combines NLP with a spiritual approach, to impart profound knowledge which supports men & women at all stages in their lives.


Nikita’s passion for helping others find clarity and meaning in their lives is commendable, and the impact of such work cannot be overstated. When individuals gain insight into their true purpose, it often leads to profound changes in their personal and professional lives, contributing to a greater sense of fulfilment and well-being.

For those who find themselves at a crossroads, feeling stagnant or unfulfilled, this Dharma Diploma could be the impetus needed for a meaningful transformation. It is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to uncover the essence of one’s identity, and to live a life that resonates with one’s deepest values and aspirations. While the path to self-realization is unique for everyone, the pursuit of one’s Dharma is a universal quest for purpose and authenticity in life.

5* reviews and testimonials

"I attended Nikita's Dharma course not knowing what to expect, but it was a life changing experience. It brought so much clarity an gave me a positive shift in my mindset"

Krupa Adatia

"We went on a journey of self-discovery in a short space of time. Nikita made us aware of our thought and language patterns. I came away clearer about where I am right now and where I want to be."

Emma Kisby

"I am simply amazed at how the Dharma workshops changed my outlook on life. I was skeptical before, but going through each stage of the pyramid was eye-opening."

Meeli Dhillon